On 30 April 2015, we hosted a symposium at which Sarah Barns (University of Western Sydney), Marcin Dabrowski (TU Delft), Cecilia Dinardi (City University, London) and Michele Lancione (University of Cambridge) gave presentations of their current research.

These four leading early career scholars are funded by the Foundation to undertake three years of dedicated urban studies research, under the guidance of a mentor. They have been identified by us as outstanding early career scholars and as likely urban studies research leaders of the future.

Please view their presentations …


2014 – Governance of climate change by Marcin Dąbrowski (Department of Urbanism, TU Delft)

2014 – ‘Informal’ Creative Cities? Connecting Urban Cultural Policy with Grassroots Interventions in Latin America by Cecilia Dinardi (Department of Culture and Creative Industries, City University London).

2014 – The Assemblage of Marginality in Three European Cities by Michele Lancione (Department of Geography, University of Cambridge).

2014 – Platform Urbanism by Sarah Barns (Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney).

2013 – We were delighted to support the International Conference on China’s Urban Transformation and Restructuring which was held at Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China in December 2013.  Report from Fulong Wu and Shenjing He

2013 – Report from Mary Lawhon (University of Pretoria, South Africa)
2013 – Report from Christine Mady (Notre Dame University, Beirut)
2012 – Report from Jorge Inzulza Contardo (University of Chile)
2012 – Report from Mariana Fix (Instituto de Economia da Unicamp, Brazil)
2012 – Report from Basile Ndjio (University of Douala, Cameroon)
2011 – Report from Shari Daya (UCT)

2013 – Funded by Urban Studies Foundation:

2012 – Funded by Urban Studies Journal:

Postdoctoral Funding Publications

Eric Levin (Funded: 2005 – 2009)

  • Levin, E., Montagnoli, A., & Wright, R. E. (2009), Demographic change and the housing market: evidence from a comparison of Scotland and England, Urban Studies, 46(1), pp. 27-43.
  • Levin, E.J. and Pryce, G. (2007) ‘A Statistical Explanation for Extreme Bids in the House Market’, Urban Studies, 44(11), pp.2339-2355.
  • Levin, E.J. and R.E. Wright (2006) ‘Downward Sloping Demand Curves for Stock?’, Studies in Economics and Finance, 23, pp.51-74.

Matti Siemiatycki (Funded: 2007 – 2008)
Currently Assistant Professor, Geography & Planning, University of Toronto

  • Siemiatycki, M. (2008). Developing Transportation for a Livable City: The Case of Vancouver, Canada. In Case Studies in Transportation Finance, ed. G. Guess. Hungary: Local Government Initiative.
  • Siemiatycki, M. (2007) ‘What’s the Secret? The Application of Confidentiality in the Planning of Infrastructure Using Private-Public Partnerships’, Journal of the American Planning Association, 73:4; pp.388-403

Rebecca Madgin (Funded: 2008 -2010)
Currently Lecturer in European Planning History, University of Leicester

  • Madgin, R. ‘Reconceptualising the Historic Urban Environment: Conservation and Regeneration in Castlefield, Manchester, 1960-2009’, Planning Perspectives, 25, No. 1, (2010), 29–48.
  • Madgin, R. (2009) Heritage, Culture and Conservation: Managing the Urban Renaissance, Saarbrucken, VDM Verlag, 2009.
  • Madgin, R. (2009) ‘The Contemporary Value of Industrial Architecture’ in Benci, J. (ed), Fine Arts 2008-2009. London: The British School at Rome.
  • Madgin, R. (2009) ‘Transforming Historic Images and Ascribing Contemporary Values: The Re-Presentation of the City’, in Harmanmaa, M. and Botta, G. Proceedings of Language and the Scientific Imagination. The 11th International Conference of ISSEI – International Society for the Study of European Ideas.
  • Madgin, R. (2009) ‘Using Culture to turn De-industrial Space into Post-industrial Place: a British-French Comparison’, in Eckardt, F. and Nystrom, L. (eds) Culture and City, Berlin: Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag.

Sophie Bond (Funded 2007 – 2009)
Currently Lecturer, School of Geography, Environment & Earth Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington

  • Bond, S. & Featherstone, D. (eds) 2009. The politics of place beyond place? A conversation with Doreen Massey.  Scottish Geographical Journal, 125 (3-4), 401-420.
  • Bond, S. and Thompson-Fawcett, M. (2008). Multiplicities, interwoven threads, holistic approaches: Going the distance in longitudinal qualitative urban research. In P. J. Maginn, S. Thompson and M. Tonts (eds) Qualitative Urban Analysis. An International Perspective, Elsevier, London.
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Kim McKee (Funded 2007 – 2010)
Currently Lecturer, Geography & Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews

  • McIntyre, Z. and McKee, K. (In Press) “Creating Sustainable Communities through Tenure-mix: the responsibilisation of marginal homeowners in Scotland”,
  • Geojournal McKee, K. (2009) “Empowering Glasgow’s Tenants through Community Ownership?” Local Economy 24(4):299-309.
  • McKee, K. (2009) “Post-Foucauldian Governmentality: what does it offer critical social policy analysis?” Critical Social Policy 29(3): 465-486.
  • McKee, K. (2009) “Learning Lessons from Stock Transfer: the challenges in delivering Second Stage Transfer in Glasgow”, People, Place and Policy Online 3(1):16-27
  • McKee, K. (2009) “Regulating Scotland’s Social Landlords: localised resistance to technologies of performance management”, Housing Studies 24(2):155-171.
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  • McKee, K. and Cooper, V. (2008) “The Paradox of Tenant Empowerment: regulatory and liberatory possibilities”, Housing, Theory and Society 25 (2): 132-146.

Kate Derickson (Funded 2010 – 2011)
Currently Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences, Georgia State University

  • McCarthy, James and Kate Driscoll Derickson. 2011. “Manufacturing consent for engineering earth: social dynamics in Boston’s Big Dig” pp. 697 – 715 in Engineering Earth: The impacts of megaengineering projects Stanley Brunn, ed. The Netherlands: Springer Science and Business Media.
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Kendra Strauss (Funded: 2010 – 2012)
Currently University Lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge

  • Strauss, K. (2012) “”Coerced, forced and unfree labour: geographies of exploitation in contemporary labour markets”. Geography Compass 6(3): 137-148.
  • Featherstone, D., Cumbers, A., Mackinnon, D., Strauss, K. (2012) “Boundary Crossing: Progressive Localism in the Age of Austerity”. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, 37(2): 177–182.
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