USF International Workshops: states, markets, and variegated urban growth machines

The Urban Studies Foundation is excited to announce two additional virtual events planned for October and November 2021. The first two USF International Workshops (13th October and 17th November) will showcase the research outputs of International Fellows around the world. Links to sign-up for these events may be found below, and the USF invites participation […]

Climate Urbanism: strategies for just transitions

The Urban Studies Foundation (USF) is pleased to host an online event on climate urbanism this November, timed to align with the COP26 conference in Glasgow. The event will present some of the pioneering research funded by the USF in recent years, showcasing five short interventions that cover several of this year’s COP26 Presidency campaigns, […]

Urban Studies Foundation in Delhi for RC21

The Urban Studies Foundation is proud to be hosting a panel event and refreshments at RC21 in Delhi next week on Friday 20th September at 7pm. We warmly welcome anyone attending or local to the event to come along and join us for a short panel discussion about USF funding schemes and opportunities for the […]

USF Global Urban Debates: Shanghai 2019

The first USF-led Global Urban Debates event (GUD) was held at Shanghai Jiao Tong University on May 29th 2019. The theme of GUD Shanghai was focused on the “Future of Urban Studies: The China Perspective”, and stimulated in-depth discussions on the future trends of urban studies from the China perspective. This included topics that covered […]

USF Seminar Series Awards

After a very competitive round of applications, the Urban Studies Foundation is delighted to announce the full list of awards for our 2018 Seminar Series Competition. Given a large increase in the overall number of applications, the USF has also taken the unprecedented decision to fund a total of 11 awards in this cohort—three more […]