USF Seminar Series (Part 2) – September 11/12, 2017

Blog Events 7th June 2017

We are very pleased to announce news of the second of three linked seminars in the ‘Reconceptualising Urban Landscapes of Work’ in the USF-funded seminar series. See below for contact details, address and more information.

Reconceptualising Urban Landscapes of Work seminar (2nd Part) ‘Diversity of Work “Places” and Spaces in Cities’

11th and 12th September 2017, University of Southampton, Department of Geography and Environment

This seminar investigates how working spaces and places in cities are changing and what this means for urban systems in terms of infrastructure, urban design and planning. Key questions to be examined include:

  • How are working spaces transformed into workplaces?
  • Where is formal/informal/precarious work undertaken; in what urban sites and places, and what spaces do these create?
  • Are new hybrid places emerging in cities? How regulated/formalized are these?
  • How do we have to rethink ‘the journey to work’, formal vs. informal work(spaces), private vs. public spaces and corporate vs. social spaces in cities?

The seminar is interdisciplinary and international in nature with speakers from geography, architecture, planning, economics, management, sociology and engineering presenting new research findings and theoretical insights into changing working patterns in Russia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.

For registering for this event or more information about the programme, please check this web page.

This seminar is funded by the Urban Studies Foundation (USF) and organised by the University of Southampton in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth and the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE) Athens.

Please contact the local organiser, Dr Darja Reuschke, for more information:

The next Seminar Series award scheme will run in the Summer of 2018.