Shrinking Domesticities: Towards a global research agenda on urban micro-living

In this guest post, Dr Mel Nowicki, Dr Ella Harris and Dr Tim White describe their research on urban micro-living, which was supported by a Seminar Series Awards grant from the USF.  In cities across the world, small spaces are becoming big business. From co-living developments to micro-apartments, there is a growing urban trend for […]

Knowledge Mobilisation Awards (2024)

The USF is once again thrilled to announce that six proposals from our current awardees have been selected for additional funding, supporting knowledge mobilization projects that will be carried out over the next year. Each grant, typically worth around £5,000, will support projects in several countries, including Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and […]

Writing Urban India: Boosting urban academic writing among early career scholars

In this guest post, the Writing Urban India organisers describe their collective’s work, which was supported with funding by the USF.  India is the world’s most populous country, home to some of its largest cities, the largest democracy and a growing economic power. The relevance of evidence and scholarship from India for global urban studies […]

Recasting the City, Lives & Livelihoods, and Inequality in the post-COVID World (ReCLIC)

In this guest post, Dr Komali Yenneti, Professor Debolina Kundu, Professor Poornima Shekhar Singh and Dr Rosa Teimouri discuss their research on the nexus between cities, inequalities and COVID-19, which was supported by a Seminar Series Awards grant from the USF.  Cities are hubs of innovation, economic growth and employment opportunities. At the same time, cities […]

Debt Trap Urbanism

In this guest post, Professor Katherine Brickell and Dr. Mel Nowicki discuss their research on homelessness, temporary accommodation and debt, which was supported by a Pandemics and Cities grant from the USF. Tackling family homelessness is an urgent national challenge. Single women with dependent children represent over a third of households in Temporary Accommodation (TA) […]