Recruiting: Three New Members on the Urban Studies Foundation (USF) Board

Blog Recruitment 4th September 2017

USF Job Advertisement: Recruiting Three New Board Members


The Urban Studies Foundation (USF) is looking to recruit three new Members (also known as ‘Trustees’) to sit on its Board, one to commence from January 2018 and two from January 2019 (but invited to attend a Board Meeting in December 2018). The USF is an increasingly well-known major charitable body involved in the support of urban studies research and education – as well as related knowledge transfer, exchange and mobilisation – with a global reach for its activities. Through their active engagement in such activities, and participation in Board meetings, Members play a crucial and responsible role in the strategies, polices and financial decisions of USF.

Further particulars about the roles, profile and person specification of a Board Member are given in our Board Members Profile document, while further information about the selection process are given in our Procedures for Selection of New Members document. Additional information can be sought by contacting the Chair of USF, Chris Philo (, but also feel free to speak informally with other current Board Members.

Individuals wishing to apply for a position as USF Board Member should send the following materials electronically to Ruth Harkin ( by Friday 3 November 2017:

    1. covering letter (no more than 2 pages A4) explaining why you wish to be considered for a position as Member on the USF Board of Trustees, and detailing your relevant experience/achievements in the field of ‘the urban’ (academically and/or in terms of public policy/civic engagement) – also, state if you have any preference regarding a start in January 2018 or in January 2019;
    2. CV (no more than 5 pages A4) formatted as you wish (but it must be easy to pick out the dimensions of your ‘urban’ experience and achievement, academically or otherwise).

Further details about USF can be obtained from our website.

Board Members Profile

Procedures for Selection of New Members

*Urban Studies Foundation is a charity registered in Scotland, Reference SC039937