The city after COVID-19: Vulnerability and urban governance in Chicago, Toronto, and Johannesburg

In this guest post, Profs Roger Keil, Xuefei Ren, and Philip Harrison discuss their research on the nexus between vulnerabilities, urban governance, and COVID-19, which was supported by a Pandemics and Cities grant from the USF.  This project emerged from previous bi- and trilateral collaborations among the partners linked to the specific topic of this […]

From social infrastructure to pandemic resilience?: Learning from and with low-income urban communities

In this guest post Dr Melanie Lombard, Dr Fiona Anciano and Dr Carlos Tobar write about their collaborative research on the role of commmunity-based organisations in local pandemic response. Their work was supported with a USF Pandemics and Cities grant. This project emerged during the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the project team […]

Locating and Practicing Land’s Social Values Through Collective Inquiries and Problem Solving

In this guest post, Dr Mi Shih and Professor Kathe Newman describe their research on the democratisation of land development, which was supported with a Knowledge Mobilisation Awards grant from the USF.  This project was born out a desire to democratize calculative techniques used by government land officials and private real estate developers to intensify […]

Towards resilient and liveable neighbourhoods post Covid-19: Evaluating neighbourhood quality in Sydney (AUS) and Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)

In this guest post Dr Ozgur Gocer, Dr Ayse Ozbil Torun and Dr Seraphim Alvanides write about their research project on changing ‘home environments’ after the pandemic. Their work was supported with a USF Pandemics and Cities grant. Our research project aimed to address changing ‘immediate home environments’ influenced by climate change, hybrid work arrangements, and the […]

Peripheral centralities: Lost, past, present and future

In this guest post, Professor Nicholas Phelps, Professor Roger Keil and Professor Paul Maginn write about their seminar series, which was supported by the USF through a Seminar Series Award grant. The seminar series – Peripheral Centralities – was initiated by Nicholas Phelps (University of Melbourne), Paul Maginn (University of Western Australia) and Roger Keil […]