Dispatches from the threshold: organizing for housing justice in a pandemic

Drs Rachael Baker and Eric Robsky Huntley

Funding period: 1 March 2022 – 1 March 2023
Type of funding: Other Grants

Partner organisations: Queen’s University Department of Geography and Planning (Canada) and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project (United States).
Lead organisers: Drs Rachael Baker (Queen’s University) and Alex Ferrer (ULCA, Unequal Cities Institute).
Team members: Dr Erin McElroy (Anti-Eviction Mapping Project).
Contact: Dr Rachael Baker.

This research project was funded by a USF Pandemics and Cities grant.

Abstract: Dispatches from the Threshold is a printed anthology, digital archive, and burgeoning scholar-activist network that will document and reflect on the urgent struggle for housing justice catalyzed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It will substantially expand our knowledge of the relationship between pandemics and housing precarity with substantial implications for policy, collectively speaking to a broad audience of scholars, activists, tenants, and housing advocates. This project—resulting in an edited volume, a digital archive, published scholarly reflections, and a scholar-activist network—will collect and document an international cross-section of this activity, highlighting struggles, analyses, gains, tensions, setbacks, strategies and tactics in movements for housing justice during the ongoing pandemic. Dispatches is a partnership between the Queen’s University Department of Geography and Planning—the project’s host institution—and the Anti-Eviction Mapping Project.  Partners will develop a network for researchers and housing advocates interested in learning from, documenting, and preserving the work of housing activists responding to pandemics in cities. This partnership, the project co-editors, and an international network of  contributors will produce critical, and experientially-informed insights into the convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic with urban movements for housing justice.