Dr Ivana Socoloff

Mediators and the limits to financialization: the role of Argentina real estate holdings in the fixing of financial capital

Funding period: 1 January 2019 – 1 July 2019
Type of funding: International Fellowship

Ivana is an urban sociologist in the Institute of Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Buenos Aires (IEALC-UBA, in Spanish) and a National Research Council Fellow in Argentina (CONICET). She will conduct her International Fellowship under the mentorship of Prof. Eric Clark at Lund University (Sweden). Her research focuses on the linkage between capital markets and real estate development. Framed by sociological and geographical approaches to financialisation, she analyzes the mediation role of Argentina’s real estate holdings in the fixing of international financial capital through the study of their strategies of land grabbing and their link to international funds. In addition, her research will explain the role of real estate holdings on housing financialization process through the study of conflicts and controversies over recent reforms that have promoted the expansion of toxic housing loans in Argentina.

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