Dr Jorge Inzulza Contardo

Funding period: 1 February 2013 – 1 July 2013
Type of funding: International Fellowship

Dr Jorge Inzulza Contardo is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Chile. He has also taught at the Department of Urban Planning and Design, University of Bío-Bío; the Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile; and the School of Architecture of the University of Talca. During 2013 he was a USF International Fellow, visiting the University of Manchester.

Profile | jinzulza@uchilefau.cl

Fellowship Publications

Inzulza Contardo, J. (2014) Gentrification in the context of post-earthquake reconstruction urban policies: a review of the Chilean experience. Global Urban Research Centre Working Paper No. 9, The University of Manchester, ISBN: 978-1-907120-08-4. Available here.