Knowledge Mobilisation Awards

Grants Awarded Blog 12th January 2022

The USF is excited to announce the funding of eleven exciting proposals from our current awardees for knowledge mobilisation projects, which will take place over the coming two years. Each small grant, typically in the region of £5,000, will fund projects in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Greece, India, Nigeria, Tanzania, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The funded proposals often involved multiple collaborating individuals and organisations, and covered themes across Black urban geographies, cartography, climate change, labour markets, migration, real estate, security and much more. Each project has been designed to build upon the outputs of existing USF-funded research, in terms of extending its reach and especially to facilitate the social impact of this research beyond the academy. Examples of possible uses of knowledge mobilisation awards included, but are not limited to:

  • Making research accessible to the public and/or specific communities. For example: partnering with artists, librarians, archivists, curators, theatre companies or other organisations to organise exhibitions or by producing films, pamphlets/zines, games, podcasts, or other digital artefacts.
  • Producing educational/training materials and delivering training to the public and/or specific communities.
  • Support for placements in community organisations or other external partner organisations for the purpose of translating research into organisational processes and strategies.
  • Support for participatory analysis and writing processes with communities participating in the research.

More information on each funded project can be found on the relevant award page on the USF website, or via the list of awardees below.

  1. Securing urban space (Dr Faisal Umar, USF International Fellow)
  2. Memories of an urban market in dispute (Dr Felipe Rangel Martins, USF International Fellow)
  3. Protests and Urban Spaces (Dr Carmel Christy Kattithara Joseph, USF International Fellow)
  4. LaCasa. Aspirational cartographies (Dr Sandra Carolina Pulido Chaparro, USF International Fellow)
  5. Making action research findings on gender and urban transformation accessible to peripheral communities of Dar es Salaam (Dr Priscila Izar, USF International Fellow)
  6. Insurgent Black Urban Geographies in Brazil (Dr Priscilla Ferreira, USF Seminar Series Awardee)
  7. Organizing Plumbers in Delhi: Navigating the Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board and Labour Court (Dr Sanjeev Routray, USF Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  8. Building New Urban Skills in the Anthropocene (Dr Stephanie Wakefield, USF Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  9. Mobilizing alternative circuits of knowledge (Dr Camila Pereira Saraiva, USF Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  10. Locating and Practicing Land’s Social Values Through Collective Inquiries and Problem Solving (Drs Mi Shih and Kathe Newman, USF Seminar Series Awardees)
  11. Decolonising the City (Drs Anna Papoutsi, Penny Travlou, and Antonis Vradis, USF Seminar Series Awardees)