Introducing four new Postdoctoral Research Fellows

The Urban Studies Foundation is pleased to announce that four new Postdoctoral Research Fellows will begin USF-funded projects in 2022. The Fellows will begin their research programmes at host institutions in Italy, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Each three-year project will focus on a range of research themes and cities, including: Cape Town and Johannesburg […]

Seven USF grants awarded for research into pandemics and cities

The USF is excited to announce the outcome of a new seed-funding award for research into pandemics and cities. The Pandemics and Cities research funding scheme ran during late 2021, and aimed to provide four awards of up to GBP 25,000 towards partnered urban research on Covid-19 and other infectious diseases. The scheme was very […]

Knowledge Mobilisation Awards

The USF is excited to announce the funding of eleven exciting proposals from our current awardees for knowledge mobilisation projects, which will take place over the coming two years. Each small grant, typically in the region of £5,000, will fund projects in countries including Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Greece, India, Nigeria, Tanzania, the United Kingdom and […]

Eleven new International Fellows in 2021

The USF is excited to announce that a record number of International Fellowship awards have been made in 2021, reflecting a significantly increased commitment of funding to the scheme from this year onwards. A total of eleven awards have been made to researchers from Global South countries, in order to support them with the development […]

Thirteen new USF Seminar Series Awards

The USF is thrilled to announce the details of thirteen new Seminar Series Awards, which will run until the end of 2022. The awards feature a wide range of events, both physical and virtual, and are programmed to run in seventeen different countries. Around thirty universities are set to host these activities, along with an […]