Cities, Inequalities and COVID-19 (one-day seminar)

Location: ECMS Building, School of Architecture and Built Environment (Springfield Campus), University of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, WV10 0JR | Map
Language: English

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Cities, Inequalities and COVID-19

Recent research by Public Health England confirms that ethnic minority households were twice at death risk to COVID-19 than the white British households across cities in the West Midlands (e.g., Birmingham and Wolverhampton). Similarly, a joint research by the University of Wolverhampton and University of Birmingham found that ethnic minority community members experienced racism and and stigmatisation during the pandemic, exacerbating the historical patterns of bias and disparities in the wider determinants of health against ethnic groups.

This 1-day seminar cum workshop aims at engaging a diverse group of speakers and participants to discuss the disproportionate short-, medium- and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on marginal and ethnic minority groups (e.g., BAME) and explain/explore the role of different structural factors/differences and ethnic inequalities in the outcomes of COVID-19.

There will be three to four panels, each discussing ethnic inequalities from a diverse yet connected perspective. The panels will be followed by an interactive panel discussion based on the ideas presented by the speakers and a set of pre-prepared questions to answer. The workshop will end with a world cafe workshop to discuss key reflections, emergent insights and a framework on ethnic inequalities and urban pandemic preparedness. The outcomes of the workshop will be integrated into the policy brief.

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"We are extremely happy with the final publications from this seminar series, and we are grateful to the USF for sponsoring the event which made this possible."

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