Securing Urban Spaces: what works? what doesn’t?

Location: Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (for in-person) and online via Zoom | Map

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Securing Urban Spaces: what works? what doesn't?
The risk of property crime victimization is part of contemporary urban life everywhere, but such risk is much higher in developing regions where policing resources are often limited. Yet, the production and uptake of research to inform crime prevention policy and practice is somewhat slow in sub-Saharan Africa. In this USF sponsored Knowledge Mobilization workshop, we aim to share key research findings that have implication for urban crime prevention practices with both state and non-state security actors, as well as local citizens. The workshop also aims to connect local and international scholars, as well as practitioners, to promote collaboration in urban crime research. We are expecting to host about 100 in-person participants (and much more online), including state and non-state actors, local citizens, and scholars of urban security. The event will feature presentations, roundtable discussion, documentary film screening as well as networking with both local and international urban crime researchers.

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Dr Michele Lancione, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

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