Doing Indigenous urban research: creative futures and indigenising urban studies

Dr Holly Randell-Moon

Funding period: 1 February 2019 – 1 January 2020
Type of funding: Seminar Series

Host institution: School of Indigenous Australian Studies (Dubbo, Australia)
Date: February 2019 onwards (Dubbo, Australia)
Lead organiser: Dr Holly Randell-Moon (School of Indigenous Australian Studies, Charles Sturt University)
Contact: Dr Holly Randell-Moon

Abstract: The urbanisation of people, space, and the future is occurring on a planetary scale. Indigenous peoples have been insightful scholars of urbanisation, at a local, for hundreds of years. And yet, Indigenous contributions to urban planning and infrastructure are not commonly recognised in dominant historical and policy accounts of cities. The seminar series, ‘Doing Indigenous Urban Research: Creative Futures and Indigenising Urban Studies’, centres Indigenous expertise and history to contemporary urban problems in Australia and demonstrates the relevance of Indigenist research approaches to international urban studies. The seminar series addresses the creative ways Indigenous peoples have contributed to urbanisation in Australia and how urbanisation can support sustainable Indigenous futures. Indigenous expertise and experience of urbanisation in Australia can productively address a number of urban agendas with global implications such as the growing youth demographic of the Indigenous population and approaches to climate change and bio-diversity in urban spaces that can sustainably respond to environmental problems resulting from rapid urbanisation. ‘Doing Indigenous Urban Research’ affirms the centrality of Indigenous contributions to urbanisation and circulates Indigenous expertise and policy-relevant knowledge to global discussions of the urbanisation of the future.