Dr Ingrid Olivo

Reconstructing modern disaster management: Puerto Rican development and planning examined through the lens of Hurricanes San Ciriaco (1899), San Felipe (1928), Santa Clara (1956), Hugo (1989), Georges (1998) and Irene (2011)

Funding period: 25 September 2017 – 25 June 2018
Type of funding: International Fellowship

Ingrid is based at the Fundación Dr Guillermo Manuel Ungo (FUNDAUNGO), a non-governmental, non-profit organisation in El Salvador and will conduct her research fellowship at University College London under the Mentorship of Adriana Allan and Professor Ben Wisner (retired, visiting and affiliated researcher). Her research will explore the key lessons for planners from the disaster management changes that happened during the transition of Puerto Rico from a Spanish colony to a U.S. Commonwealth in crisis. It comprises an original urban planning longitudinal, retrospective, qualitative, descriptive and multi-case study of hurricanes on Puerta Rico. It examines the role of disasters in changing ecosystems and the built environment, and importantly, reshaping local power relations in a context that is urgent given the prospects of mounting emergencies in Puerto Rico due to environmental degradation, precarious urbanisation, migration and climate change.