Dr Telma Hoyler

Political representation in the city

Funding period: 1 April 2023 – 1 December 2023
Type of funding: International Fellowship

Telma Hoyler is a researcher in the Center for Metropolitan Studies in São Paulo and collaborates with the Global Network on Parliaments and People. She is a political sociologist interested in understanding how representatives connect to constituencies in southern urban contexts and in challenging the often-automatic characterization of cities in the Global South as clientelist. This was also the topic of her PhD, a three-year ethnography research with councilors and brokers in São Paulo.

Prior to her current position, she worked as an advisor in São Paulo´s City Hall (2014-2017). Her PhD in Political Science was obtained from University of São Paulo with a visiting period in CEE/ Sciences Po (2019-2020).

As a USF International Fellow, Dr Hoyler will work at the Bartlett School of Planning under the mentorship of Prof. Claire Colomb.

Profile | telmahoyler@gmail.com