The ‘Southern Tilt’ in the urban: embedded wisdom and cultural specificity as pathways to planning

Dr Anjali Karol Mohan, Professor Pellisery and Professor Cadena-Gaitán

Funding period: 22 August 2019 – 14 February 2020
Type of funding: Seminar Series

Host institutions: Institute of Public Policy, NLSIU (Bangalore, India) and URBAM, EAFIT (Medellin, Columbia)
Date: 22nd-23rd August 2019 (Medellin) and 13-14th February 2020 (Bangalore)
Lead organisers: Dr Anjali Karol Mohan (National Law School of India University), Prof Sony Pellisery (National Law School of India University), Prof. Carlos Cadena-Gaitán (Universidad EAFIT)
Team members: Alejandro Echeverri (Director of the Center for Urban and Environmental Studies, EAFIT University in Medellin)
Contact: Dr Anjali Karol Mohan

The Southern Tilt

Abstract: This two-part seminar series will be organized by the Institute of Public Policy (NLSIU, Bangalore) and URBAM (EAFIT, Medellin). The series seek to evolve innovative, context specific planning pathways and methods that acknowledge the diverse contexts of the global South as well as the global concerns of climate change, natural resource depletion and food insecurity. As the Southern cities experience unprecedented urbanization, planning and management of these cities appears ineffective as evidenced by high levels of poverty and inequality coupled with near breakdown of urban services and amenities. The ineffectiveness is pegged in part, to planning being ‘borrowed’ and ‘imposed’ by knowledge systems developed to suit the Global North. The seminars will push for a radical departure that is ‘inward’ looking. These will foreground historical and contingent geographies of Southern cities to debate the complex layers interfacing planning and new urban forms–sprawls, burgeoning peri-urban and attendant informality and exclusion–to explore alternative (to the Global North) locally rooted knowledge systems as conduits to urban planning and management.


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