New Book: Doing Global Urban Research

Blog Publications 20th March 2018

USF Seminar Series award recipients Dr John Harrison and Dr Michael Hoyler will publish a book this year based on their seminar series on global urban research. The book is titled Doing Global Urban Research and will be published by SAGE. It includes chapter contributions from a range of participants in the seminar series, all of which approach how to make sense of urban complexity in the context of different research methods, both quantitative and qualitative, including Comparative Urbanism, Social Network Analysis, and Data Visualization.

“This is a landmark volume addressing the issue of the cumulative global significance and impacts of the majority of the world’s population living in cities. Under Harrison and Hoyler’s leadership, Doing Global Urban Research unlocks new intellectual and political territory to reconfigure the debates on why and how cities matter now and into the future.”Professor Susan Parnell

Along with last year’s publication of a special issue of the International Journal of Housing Policy (2017) on the edges of home ownership, this marks the second significant research output from a USF Seminar Series grant. This support from the USF was recognized by book editors John Harrison and Michael Hoyler: “We are extremely happy with the final publications from this seminar series, and we are grateful to the USF for sponsoring the event which made this possible.” The call for the next round of Seminar Series grants will be opened later this year.