Seminar Series Competition 2018

Blog Funding 12th June 2018

The USF is delighted to announce that its bi-annual funding scheme for urban studies seminar series is now open. The 2018 scheme will provide between 6 and 8 awards of up to £20,000 each, in order to fund proposals of at least two separate events in one or more different institutions. The deadline for applications to this award will close on the 14th September 2018.

Further details can be found on the Seminar Series Competition can be found here, and all applicants are advised to read the Further Particulars documentation carefully before submitting a proposal. Applicants should also note that this year there will only be one stage to the application process, as opposed to the two-stage process used in previous years.

Recently successful seminar series proposals can be found on the Urban Studies Foundation website under both Seminar Series Awardees and other Previous Grantees.