We invite applications for participation in Methodologies for Just Urban Futures, a virtual summer institute. This institute explores how we can use the tools of geospatial analysis and data visualization to analyze and work against contemporary practices of urban policing. Centering critical approaches that deepen our understanding of policing, we ask: how do we retool geospatial technologies to create visualizations that go beyond mapping the “where” of police violence? How can we use geospatial tools to help us see and better understand the broader patterns of resource and surveillance distribution that perpetuate state violence?

About the Institute

The institute comprises a 4-day program of activities, including interactive training workshops. All activities will take place virtually.

The focus of the institute is on experimenting with methods. We aim to address methodological gaps in urban and carceral research by offering training in data gathering, data analysis and geovisualization.

Who is Eligible and How to apply?

This institute is open to advanced doctoral students, early-career researchers, public scholars, and community-based practitioners. There are no participation fees. To apply, please visit the following link, complete the application form and submit on or before 6pm (EST) on Friday June 17th, 2022: forms.gle/nzhFZt8FjgRcd3HV6

Please email abest@clarku.edu or lestes@clarku.edu with any questions.

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"I can’t emphasise enough how supportive the USF Fellowship has been. It has empowered me to engage with a diverse range of partners, collaborators and agencies in a fast-moving field of practice and policy-making. It has allowed me to extend beyond known geographic and disciplinary borders to explore and connect disparate fields and practices, across policy and academia."

Dr Sarah Barns, Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

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