Eight new USF International Fellows

Blog Grants Awarded 12th October 2023

The Urban Studies Foundation is thrilled to announce that eight new International Fellows will begin their USF-funded work over the coming year. Each grant funding award will support the Fellow with a visiting sabbatical designed to support the development of their research publications and outputs. This year’s Fellows will travel from positions in Ecuador, India, Brazil, China, Argentina, South Africa and Serbia, and their work will be supported by mentorship from established scholars working in a related field of urban studies.

This year’s proposals reflect a continued diversity in subject area, with research programmes focused on topics ranging from social housing and urban renewal, policy mobility, climate adaption, transport infrastructure, urban security, city development, ‘big’ real estate and informal settlements.

The USF is very proud to continue to support the International Fellowship scheme, which runs annually and will re-open in the first half of 2024. The scheme is exclusively tailored to support early-to-mid career urban scholars from the Global South, and interested candidates may prepare now by consulting the scheme particulars from last year’s call on the USF website.

This year’s International Fellows are:

The Fellows will be supported by host institutions and research communities in several countries, including France, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK. Mentorship support from each institution is essential to each Fellowship, and the USF is grateful to this year’s mentors for their commitment to the scheme. The 2023 International Fellowship mentors are: Professor Brett Christophers, Professor Tom Goodfellow, Dr Philipp Horn, Professor Gareth Jones, Professor Vítor Manuel Araújo de Oliveira, Dr Julien Rebotier, Professor Jennifer Robinson, and Professor Ann Varley.

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